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How do I change my payment account? | Repaying Your Loan

Adding or Removing a Payment Account

To add or remove a payment account from your profile, you'll need to:

  • Sign in to your Earnest account.
  • Select “Payment Methods” from the left-side navigation menu. 
  • To add an account, click “Add New Account,” choose account type (checking or savings), enter the routing and account numbers, and select “Save.”
  • You will now be able to view this account as an option for future payments under “Your Accounts.”

To remove an account, click "Remove" underneath the bank account you would like and follow the prompts. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to remove an account that is currently enrolled in Auto Pay. To update the account used for Auto Pay, please follow the instructions below.

Changing the Account Used for Auto Pay

In order to change your bank account, your loan must be disbursed. After this time period, you may change your Auto Pay account by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your Earnest account. 
  • Click the "View Loan Details" from the loan card. 
  • Underneath the More Ways to Save banner, select “Enroll in Auto Pay.” 
  • Choose a bank for automatic withdrawals, then “Confirm & Save.” 
  • A confirmation will appear showing when your Auto Pay will begin (you'll also receive an email).

After changing the account, you shouldn’t experience any lapse in your 0.25% Auto Pay discount, but you may need to schedule a manual payment for the upcoming month while the system updates. If you complete the steps to unenroll from Auto Pay and attempt to enroll at a later date, then the system will update to require you to make manual payments and lose the discount for a full billing period.

Finally, switching the account you use for Auto Pay requires one full billing cycle to take effect. This means that if you follow the steps above for the current billing period, your Auto Pay may still be processed from your previous bank account. To have maximum confidence in the bank that will be used, we recommend updating your preferred payment account a full payment period before your due date.

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