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Can I transfer a Parent Loan to my child once they graduate? | Private Student Loans

Unfortunately, Earnest is unable to transfer Parent Loans to your child once they graduate. As the borrower of the loan, you are responsible for the management and repayment of the loan for the term length you select. You are able to add multiple payment accounts to your loan account. This means if your child would like to make payments towards the loan balance, they can do so by adding their bank information to your online dashboard. However, it’s important to note that any late or missing payments will be the responsibility of the primary borrower. For more information on adding a payment account, please check out this article.

It’s important to note, that even though Earnest is unable to transfer a parent loan, there still may be options available. We suggest reviewing a lender list from a source such as Lending Tree and Nitro College for possible solutions.

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