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Do I need a degree or diploma to apply? | Applying For Loans

Student Loan Refinancing

If the loan was for your education:

We’re only able to refinance student loans from completed degrees (Associate’s degree and above). If you’re still attending school, we’d be happy to consider your application if you’re graduating this semester.

Are you a college senior, grad student, or enrolled less than half-time? You may be eligible to refinance your undergrad loans! We’d be able to refinance all your education loans once you are in the last semester of your grad program.

If the loan was for your child’s education:

You will not need to have a diploma or degree to apply to refinance your child’s education loans. However, we do ask that your child’s education has been completed or that they are within their last semester before graduating.

Private Student Loans

No degree is required to apply for either the student or the parent, but we do require that the student is enrolled in school half-time while pursuing an Undergraduate or Graduate degree.

Further information about our eligibility criteria can be found here.

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