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FAQ: Earnest Identity Verification | Applying for Loans

Is Earnest calling me to do an Identity Verification? 

It’s wise to question when someone calls and asks for personal information.  Identity Verification is a step in loan application reviews where we confirm an applicant’s identity. Client Happiness Team Members will call from 1 (855) 933-0990 to help finish up your application review.

Why do we do Identity Verification?

Since we’re entrusted with people’s personal information, and the potential to have long-lasting impacts on people's lives, we must ensure applications are authentic. To that end, we routinely perform identity verification calls. The call is done with a series of questions, some of which review financial or personal information. Ideally, these questions will be ones only the applicant knows the answer to.

What can a person expect during an Identity Verification call? 

First, we’ll confirm basic information like address, phone number, etc. Then once we feel confident the person we’re talking to is the applicant, we move on to the main verification questions. We partner with Experian to generate questions from both public records and your credit report. Sometimes they date pretty far back. No preparation is necessary! An applicant will simply answer the questions to the best of their memory and the verification process will be complete.

What if I missed a call from 1 (855) 933-0990? 

If you missed a call from us, we will leave a message if your voicemail has been set up. Since this portion of the review must be completed as an outbound call, we will also send you a follow-up email to reschedule another time that works best. We won’t be able to finish processing your application until the step is completed, so please keep an eye out for our next call or email.

What if I receive an email from Earnest about some verification call?

When an application moves into the step where identity verification is needed, Earnest sends an automated email that contains a scheduler. This scheduler can be used to set up an appointment for us to call you within a 10-minute window and proceed with the verification process. Many clients find this convenient and prefer to know when to expect a call. 

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