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How can I switch to biweekly Auto Pay? | Student Loan Refinancing

Our biweekly Auto Pay option allows you to make payments every two weeks instead of once per month. This lets you sync your payments with your pay period if you are compensated on a 14-day cadence and can help reduce accrued interest. If you're interested in setting up biweekly auto payments, you can do so from your Earnest dashboard.

When can I enroll in biweekly payments?

Enrollment becomes available at the end of your first 30-day billing cycle, which is also when the first statement is generated. Following this date, you will see the option to “Change Auto Pay Settings” and be able to adjust from a monthly withdrawal to every 2 weeks.

How do I enroll in biweekly auto payments through my dashboard?

  • First, sign in to your account.
  • Select “Loan Details” from the loan card ellipsis. 
  • Click on the "Change Auto Pay Settings" button and select "Enroll In Auto Pay."
  • Choose a bank account and frequency (every 2 weeks).
  • From here, you may select the starting date for your biweekly payments. It's important to note, whichever day of the week you select (Monday-Sunday), will become the day your payment debits every 2 weeks.
  • Once you have selected a day that works best for you, click "Review Changes."
  • Lastly, click “Confirm and Submit."

Depending on the date you choose, your monthly auto-payment may be canceled, and a manual monthly payment will be needed to keep your loan on track for the current billing cycle. 

Can I move from biweekly back to monthly if I need to?

Yes! You'll be able to use the "Edit Frequency" button again to move back to a monthly payment schedule.




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