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Can I refinance my current Earnest student loan refinance again? | Student Loan Refinancing

You may be able to refinance your Earnest loans again to meet your financial goals. To be eligible, you must make four months of consecutive, on-time payments towards your current Earnest loan. (Paying ahead will not count towards the four months of on-time consecutive payments.)

You can get started by signing into your profile, selecting “New Application” or “Products” along the top of the screen, and scrolling down to 'Student Loan Refinancing'. You'll then be able to check your rates using our rate estimating tool. We can also share our current rate ranges based on 5, 10, 15, 20-year loan terms - just let us know.

After checking your rates using our rate estimating tool, if you'd like to move forward with a full application, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your new loan must be $5,000* or more. 
  • If approved, your entire Earnest loan balance will be paid off with the new loan. We're unable to do partial re-refinances at this time.
  • To be able to offer you lower rates, we will need to review your current financial profile. Lower rates may be available when there is a significant increase in assets and income and decreased overall debt levels compared to your last application's financial profile.
  • The application will ask you to consent to a new hard credit inquiry to review your most recent credit report.
  • The balance of your connected financial accounts is out of date. When you get to the application's financial page, please reconnect them and be sure to include all of your assets. You may end up with some duplicated accounts, but that's ok.
  • Current market rates apply.
  • The process is currently estimated to take approximately 20 days: the review may take up to 10 days, and if we're able to approve you for a new offer, switching your loan over may take an additional 10-15 days.
  • The option to refinance is only available to clients currently living in a state where Earnest has a license to lend. Please review our eligibility guidelines for further details.


*Due to state limitations, residents of California must request a student loan refinance of at least $10,000, and residents of New Mexico must request a student loan refinance of at least $10,001.

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