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I am receiving my student loan statements by mail, how do I go paperless? | Repaying Your Loan

You can opt into paperless delivery of your loan statements and other loan documents by signing up for eDelivery through your Earnest dashboard. Please see the directions below on how to enroll.

  • Sign in to your Earnest account.
  • Click the "Screen_Shot_2019-04-09_at_5.30.22_PM.png" or "Screen_Shot_2021-12-02_at_3.21.01_PM.png" button.
  • If you have an Earnest refinance loan: select "Profile" in the top right corner.

If directed to a Profile page:

  • Scroll down and select Edit
  • Find the Document Delivery Preferences section and select Paperless
  • Review and save any changes  

If directed to a Summary page:

  • While on the Summary page, scroll down to the +Profile box.
  • Click the "Screen_Shot_2019-04-09_at_5.35.06_PM.png" button.
  • A pop-up box will appear, read through the information provided, and choose the "Screen_Shot_2019-04-09_at_5.39.00_PM.png" button to complete your sign-up.

Some of your loan documents may already be processing for mail delivery, so it can take up to 15 days for your paperless delivery to take effect.

What type of loan documents will you send me?

For the life of your student loan, Earnest will generate and send a few different kinds of documents. These include:

  • A monthly billing statement
  • A 1098-E tax form for interest paid during the previous calendar year
  • Other periodic disclosures

All documents will be available to download from your online account. To view them: 

  • Sign in and click “Loan Details”.
  • If you have an Earnest refinance loan, click ”Documents” in the upper right corner.
  • If directed to a new window select "Inbox" from the menu presented. 

There are also some documents that are sent by physical mail to all clients, such as a welcome letter at the beginning of your Earnest loan.

Can I go back to having my loan documents delivered by physical mail?

Absolutely! If you made the change from the Summary page, you may go back to paper delivery by clicking the "Screen_Shot_2019-04-09_at_5.54.36_PM.png" button and choosing the "U.S. Mail" option. If you made the change from the Profile page, you may go back to paper delivery by selecting Paper from the Document Delivery Preferences section.


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