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How does Earnest send me my documents, like my statements or tax forms?

For the life of your student loan, Earnest will generate and send a few different kinds of documents. These include:

  • A monthly billing statement
  • A 1098-E tax form for interest paid during the previous calendar year
  • Other periodic disclosures

All documents will be available for download from your online profile. To view them, you'll Log in, then go the the "My Loans" tab>"Loan Details" button>"Inbox" tab from the menu on the left. There are also some documents that are sent by physical mail to all clients, such as a welcome letter at the beginning of your Earnest loan.

That being said, for most document types (including your monthly statements), you may specify a delivery method. We offer physical and electronic delivery. If your preferences are set to physical delivery, you’ll receive all documents (including statements, tax returns, and other documents) via USPS, in addition to the digital copies posted in your online dashboard. If you've opted into electronic delivery, the documents will only be emailed to you.

If you’re unsure of your current settings, you can check them by [logging into your online profile, going to the “My Loans” tab, clicking on the “Loan Details” button, going to the “Summary” tab from the left-hand side of the page, and finding the “Profile” box. If there is a button there that says “Sign up for eDelivery”, your preferences are set to physical mail. Otherwise, you’re opted into electronic delivery. To opt into electronic delivery, click "Sign up for eDelivery", and follow the prompt.

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