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Can I change my refinance amount before accepting my loan? | Student Loan Refinancing

If you're approved for an Earnest student loan refinance, you'll typically be approved for the total eligible student loan amount listed on your credit report, which may differ from the amount you initially requested on your application. However, you're not required to refinance your entire student loan debt with Earnest. You can choose to refinance less than the requested amount (as long as it’s above $5,000*) or up to 105% of your approved amount.

When you’re ready to accept your loan offer, you'll be in control of the final loan amount you would like to bring to Earnest. During the 'payoff details' section of accepting your loan, you'll let us know what lenders we will be paying and how much. Ultimately, this will determine your loan amount. 

If you need an even higher loan amount, please contact the Client Happiness team by clicking the "Get In Touch" button found at the bottom of this article.

*Due to state limitations, residents of California must request a student loan refinance of at least $10,000, and residents of New Mexico must request a student loan refinance of at least $10,001.

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