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Why didn’t I see estimated rates after doing a rate check? | Student Loan Refinancing

If you did not receive a range of rates when you submitted a rate check form, it is likely that Earnest doesn't have enough information to confidently offer you a rate range at this time.

The rate check, while helpful, offers results based on a more limited set of information. If you choose to move forward with an application, you'll be asked to provide more context about your financial profile such as your banking account history, specific savings and asset details, and more. We also do a hard credit pull when you submit an application which provides more details about your credit history.

Generally, we look for clients who have a strong history of financial responsibility, which can show itself in many ways. Typically, Earnest clients have an income that supports both the life of the Earnest loan and their everyday living expenses. Positive payment history is another key part of our review process, as this demonstrates you are committed to making your payments in full for all of your existing debts.

We invite you to review our Eligibility Guidelines and provide us with a full application to help us better understand your financial profile if you decide to move forward. Please note that moving forward with an application will result in a hard credit inquiry.

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