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What is the Navient and Earnest Relationship? | General Questions

Earnest and Navient are affiliated companies that work together to provide borrowers with a best-in-class experience for managing their student loans. Earnest was founded in 2013 and became part of the Navient family in 2017. Earnest provides consumers with student loan products such as Private Student Loans, Student Loan Refinance, and NaviRefi. Earnest also provides loan servicing for its student loan products with servicing support provided by Navient.

Earnest will be the servicer of your Earnest student loan(s) but may from time to time collaborate with Navient to assist in your loan servicing for certain specialized functions. For example, if your loan(s) were to become past due, Earnest will engage Navient to work directly with you until your loan(s) are back on track. Earnest will continue to be your servicer any time Navient is providing servicing support for your loan(s), meaning that you will still be able to manage your loan(s) on and make your payments to Earnest. Navient’s role in supporting your loan is simply to help provide you with the best customer experience and services possible.


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