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I’m Having Trouble Accessing My Documents. What Should I Do? | General Questions

If you're encountering obstacles while trying to download documents or accessing specific sections of a website, it's possible that your browser's ad blocker is the culprit. Ad blockers are designed as browser extensions or features, that work to prevent the display of advertisements while utilizing the internet. While ad blockers undoubtedly enhance the user experience by eliminating intrusive ads, they can sometimes inadvertently affect the functionality of a website and prevent downloads or pages from loading properly. 

To determine if an ad blocker is the cause of your issues, you will need to temporarily disable it or update your settings to allow pop-ups while visiting Earnest. To remedy this issue, please follow the instructions below for your specific web browser:

If you are still encountering any errors after updating your browser preferences, please check out this article for additional troubleshooting steps. If these additional solutions do not remedy the issue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team directly by clicking the "Get In Touch" button found at the bottom of this article. We will do what we can to get things working for you!

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