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What can the loan help me pay for? | Private Student Loans

We can help you pay for any school-related expenses that your school deems eligible under their cost of attendance estimation. Here’s a list of expenses that are generally calculated in your cost of attendance.

Common expenses:

  • Tuition & Fees
  • Room & Board (on or off-campus)
  • Books
  • Transportation
  • Supplies 
  • Dependent Care

Less common or one-time expenses:

  • Computer
  • Study-Abroad Programs
  • Medical 
  • Past Due Balances less than 1 year old (separate application needed if balance is from a previous academic year)

It’s important to partner with your school’s financial aid office to see what specific expenses they include in their cost of attendance calculation. If you’ve applied for a loan to cover expenses that are not included in your cost of attendance, your school may reject your loan application or approve your loan for less money. For more information regarding what you could use your loan for, please feel free to check out our blog

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