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What kind of assets does Earnest consider in my application? | Applying For Loans

Earnest can consider any accounts that are based in the US and have a balance in USD. These can be checking accounts, savings accounts, retirement accounts, 529’s, or investment accounts that are held by the applicant. We’re able to consider cryptocurrency as long as it’s held by a brokerage account and not in a crypto wallet. If you have assets that are jointly owned by you and another person, we can credit you the full amount as long as we’re able to verify your joint ownership.

It’s important to note that we’re not able to consider real estate property value, automobiles, cash kept outside of a bank, gold, various equity, or other physical property as assets. We’re also not able to consider life insurance policies, business assets, or accounts held for the benefit of another (UTMA, IOLTA, Trust accounts, etc).

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