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What if my Bonus or Commission fluctuates? Applying For Loans

Our underwriting team is happy to consider performance-based compensation in the review of an application. In order for a bonus or commission to be considered, it must be taxable and verifiable through documentation. Acceptable documentation used to verify the total bonus amount include: 

  • A recent or end-of-year pay stub showing the year-to-date earnings, 
  • The previous year’s W-2, or
  • Verification or offer letter showing a guaranteed bonus.

If your bonus or commission amount changes between pay periods, you will want to average the total amount you have received for the year. If your recent pay stub does not show your year-to-date amounts, you will want to include the total amount received as shown on your previous year’s tax forms or end-of-year pay stub. 

We recognize it can be difficult to accurately determine your bonus income. If you’re unsure what to include in your application, please contact our Client Happiness team by clicking on the “Get In Touch” button at the bottom of this article. We are happy to assist in any way that we can!

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