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Who is Fiona and what’s happening with personal loans?

Who is Fiona?

Fiona is our newest partner for personal loans; they are a loan marketplace that pairs you with personal loan lenders who best suit your needs. Whether you are looking to consolidate debt, pay for a wedding, or gearing up for home renovation, Fiona has lenders who are suited to you. Our partnership ensures that only lenders who meet our stringent service standards will be provided as options.

How does Fiona work?

Using the link on our website, you’ll be directed to Fiona immediately. You will enter basic information and tell Fiona what you’re looking for. From there, you’ll be given estimates based on that information. Going through the link on our site ensures you only get estimates and offers from the lenders that we know Fiona has vetted.

Why isn’t Earnest offering personal loans?

The decision to change our approach to personal loans was difficult but ultimately boils down to this: we weren’t able to deliver the best personal loan experience on the market. Previously, we only originated personal loans to hand them off to a servicing partner. The terms clients could receive were limited to between three and five years, they could only request between $5,000 - $75,000, and our rates were not as competitive as clients could get elsewhere. So we began looking at other options.

What’s the difference?

 By partnering with Fiona, we can help get clients access to between $1,000 and $100,000 in funding. Loan terms through Fiona’s marketplace can be between two and seven years. Additionally, interest rates start lower than Earnest was able to offer. Knowing that we want our clients to receive the best personal loan experience, seeing our strengths lie in student loans, Fiona was the right step in giving our clients that competitive, quality experience we’ve always strived to provide. Looking at the service and funding levels, as well as interest rates, we are confident that Fiona will help our clients achieve their financial dreams!

Already have a personal loan through Earnest?

If you already have a personal loan through Earnest, head over to this page for help.

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