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I received a Captcha error when trying to get my rate, how do I proceed? | Student Loan Refinancing

Why the error happens

If you are receiving an “Authentication Failed” or “This email is already in use” message, the majority of the time, this means you probably already have an account with us using that email address. Our system creates an account any time a person requests a rate estimate. People often forget if they requested rates a few years ago.

How to fix it

Since your email is already on file, we recommend you try logging in to your previously created profile.

  • Log into your account here. If you've forgotten the password, you can reset your password using the "forgot password?" link found there.
  • Once logged in go to "Products" at the top.
  • Find the product you are looking for and click "Get my rate"

I am getting a “Captcha Error” message

If you get the “Captcha Error” message, then you should clear your internet browser’s cache and cookies as well as close the window and open a new one. Alternatively, you can use an incognito window. Try not to sit too long on the last page, as for security reasons the captcha will time out to protect your information.

What if the fix didn't work

If neither of these fixes the issue, there may be another technical issue. Our website has been optimized for certain settings. They include:

  • A computer (rather than a smartphone or tablet
  • Home computers and networks (rather than work ones)
  • Google Chrome (rather than Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari)
  • An Incognito window

If these settings don't solve the issue, please let us know right away by clicking the “Get in Touch” button found at the end of this article. We'll do everything we can to get it working for you!

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