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What is the $300,000 Earnest Scholarship Fund? | General Questions

The Earnest Scholarship Fund is our way of helping students achieve their goals through the pursuit of higher education. We award students scholarships from the $300,000 Earnest Scholarship fund twice a year. The scholarship application is open once in the Spring, where $50,000 is awarded, and again in the Fall, where $250,000 is awarded. Earnest will send the funds via check directly to your college or university if selected. The scholarship is available every year and is non-renewable. If your application is not selected this year, we encourage you to apply again for the future school year. You do not need to be a current Earnest client to apply.  


Who is eligible and how can I apply? 

Please visit our scholarship page to view the current scholarship offering, eligibility criteria, and guidelines on how to submit an application. You will not be asked to provide any sensitive information, and there is no fee to apply or to claim the award. The application does require an email address (so we can communicate with you).


How can I confirm if my application was received?

Once your application has been submitted, you will be taken to a confirmation screen verifying that your application was received. If you were not taken to this screen and are unsure if your submission was received, feel free to contact our team directly by emailing This email can also be used if you have any additional questions about the program or if you need to make any updates to your submission.

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