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Do you have an app? | Student Loan Refinancing

Yes, the Earnest Servicing iOS App helps you manage your student loan refinance.

The following tasks are available on our app:

  • Making payments

  • Changing your payment account

  • Viewing your current loan balance

  • Viewing upcoming auto payments, if enrolled in Auto Pay

When can I start using the app to manage my loan?

You will have access to your loan details in our app 7 calendar days after you sign your loan agreement.

I’m receiving an error message when I try to log into the app…what’s going on?

If it’s been fewer than 7 calendar days since you signed your loan agreement, you’ll be unable to log in. If it’s been over 10 calendar days since you signed your loan agreement and you’re still unable to use our app, please reach out to our Client Happiness team. You can reach us by clicking the “Get In Touch” button found at the bottom of this article.

How do I make a payment on the iOS app?

1. Tap the “Payment Options” button at the bottom of the main screen

2. Select “Make a Payment”

3. Choose the date you would like the payment to be submitted

4. Enter in the payment amount

5. Tap the “Next” button

6. Review the payments information and hit submit

You may not see the “Next” button on the payment amount screen if you have Zoom enabled on your iPhone screen. Please change your display settings back to standard display by disabling Zoom.

 Where can I find my account number on the iOS app?

Your account number is located on the main screen directly under “My Refinance Loan”.

You may have difficulties viewing the account number if you enabled your iPhone screen to Zoom. To set your device back to the standard view, please follow the steps at the bottom of this article under “Disable Zoom on your iPhone”.

 Disabling Zoom on your iPhone:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings and tap Display & Brightness > Display Zoom

  • Select “View” and then “Standard”

  • In the upper right corner tap “Set” and then “Update Standard”

  • Wait ~10 seconds for your screen to reset.

  • Exit settings and return to the Earnest app.

 Do you have an Android app?

We currently only have an iOS app but we're planning to release an Android app in the future. We'll notify our clients via email when our Android app is ready.

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