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Why am I not eligible to be a cosigner on my student’s loan application? | Private Student Loans

Our cosigned private student loan requires the cosigner to meet certain minimum eligibility criteria. When you filled in your eligibility information, we compared your self-reported information against our eligibility guidelines and determined one or more of the criteria were not met.

If you entered your information incorrectly, you can retry the eligibility check. To do this, your student will need to log in to their Earnest dashboard and send you another cosigner invitation email. Once received, click the link provided in the email and reenter your information.

What happens to my student's private loan application?

Your student has been notified via email that a new cosigner is needed. Within this email, they’ll have the ability to invite a new cosigner. If your student has no other cosigners to consider, they may be eligible to apply independently.



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