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How do I add or remove a payment account? | Student Loan Refinancing

To add or remove a payment account from your profile, you'll first need to sign in to your Earnest account here

  • Select “Payment Methods” from the left-side navigation menu. 
  • To add an account, click on “Bank Accounts” and “Add New Account,” choose account type (checking or savings), enter the routing and account numbers, and select “Save.”
  • You should now be able to view this account as an option for future payments under “All Accounts.”

To remove an account, click "Remove" underneath the bank account you would like and follow the prompts. It’s important to note that you’ll not be able to remove an account that is currently enrolled in Auto Pay. To change which account is used for payments, please review this article here

It’s important to note when updating an Auto Pay account, you will need to wait until the new account has been completely set up in order to remove the previously enrolled account. This means a payment withdrawal using the new account will need to be completed before you can remove the previously used Auto Pay account fully from your dashboard. 

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