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Can I increase my Auto Payment amount? | Private Student Loans

Yes! To file a request to change to your Auto Payment amount, please contact Client Happiness, specifying what you would like your new amount to be. Please note that changes may take a full payment cycle to implement. Once we implement the change, the new Auto Payment will be your minimum amount due.

There isn't a way to change the amount of one Auto Payment without changing the amount of all remaining Auto Payments, so the new amount will be reflected for the rest of your Auto Payment Schedule. Therefore, if your goal is to pay more than your normal for just one month, we recommend scheduling an additional payment from within your profile.

However, once the change is implemented, you can file a new request to change your amount. There isn't a limit on the number of requests we will honor.

For information on scheduling an additional payment, click here

For information on decreasing your Auto Payment amount, click here.

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