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Will I ever be required to pay in bitcoin, gift cards, PayPal, or a credit card?

We typically accept loan payments from an approved electronic fund transfer from your connected financial institution. Although we can accept other forms of payment on occasion, at no time will Earnest require any borrower or loan applicant to submit payment by gift card or cash card of any type, credit card, PayPal®, money order or cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin). Contact our Client Happiness team at or 1-888-601-2801 with any questions about your payments to Earnest.

Note: personal loans originated by Earnest may be serviced by either Earnest or SST. These instructions apply to student loan refinances and personal loans serviced by Earnest only. For a personal loan serviced by SST, please contact SST following the instructions here. If you're not sure which company services your loan, click here.

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