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What does Earnest do with my information? | General Questions

As part of of the Earnest application, we ask for a variety of information that will help us better understand your financial profile so that we can we offer you the best rate possible when you are approved for a loan.

During the lending process, Earnest may use client information to facilitate activities and transactions that need to occur. We may also use aggregated, non-identifiable user information to identify and track trends amongst our clients for data research and publishing purposes. Earnest may also use client information to provide, maintain, protect and improve our services, to develop new ones, and to protect Earnest and our users, or to notify you about changes to the Earnest site or any products or services we offer or provide through it. Any information used for research and publishing purposes is completely anonymized. We never store your log-in, passwords, or other authentications to any account you linked during the application process.

Under federal and state law, we are required to maintain the personal and financial information that you provided us as part of the loan application process, whether you completed the loan application or not. This is to ensure that we engage in fair lending practices. We never sell your information to third parties.

For more information, check out our Security & Privacy page. To opt-out from aggregated, non-identifiable data publishing, please contact our parent company, Navient, at (800) 428-1039.

Finally, please note that personal loans originated by Earnest may be serviced by either Earnest or SST. For information about SST, click here. If you're unsure whether or not your loan is serviced by SST, please log into your account. If this page shows a "Loan Details" button, your loan is serviced by Earnest. Otherwise, it is operated by SST. 

If your loan is serviced by SST, Earnest will share basic information with them needed to service the loan, including your contact information, disbursement date, loan amount, and interest rate. We specifically will not share with SST any other information you submit as part of the application process, including your credit report, stated income, stated assets, or verification documents. For more information, please contact Client Happiness.


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