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How do I pay off my Earnest student loan?

If you're scheduling a payoff through your online profile for the same day, check the current balance displaying on your dashboard. If scheduling for any other day, please contact Client Happiness for a specific payoff estimate. If you're mailing a payoff check, we recommend a 10-day payoff estimate. Please note that payoff estimates won't take into account either 1) payments currently processing or 2) payments scheduled to be processed before the payoff date.

For all payoffs, payments scheduled for a date after the payoff is applied but within the same payment cycle may still be processed. This occurs due to the time it takes for our systems to reflect the payoff. If this happens, there will likely be an amount overpaid on your loan. We will refund the amount overpaid. If you're still concerned about this possibility, we recommend un-enrolling from Auto Pay at least a week (i.e., 5 business days) before any previously scheduled Auto Payments, and canceling any manually scheduled payments by 3 P.M. EST on the payment date. For current payment processing times, please refer to this article.

Finally, if you would like a payoff statement, we're happy to provide one. Please click here for more information.

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