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Sallie Mae: How to find your 10-day payoff amount | Student Loan Refinancing

Your Sallie Mae account number (also known as the customer identification number) is a 10-digit number found on your billing statement and usually starts with the number "5". You can call Sallie Mae directly at 1 (800) 472-5543 to get your 10-day payoff information. Your 10-day payoff will be your current Sallie Mae loan balance plus 10 days’ worth of interest.

If you want to pay off some but not all of your loans, you’ll need your individual loan ID numbers. Loan ID numbers are usually about 4 digits and can also be found on your statement. Each loan under your account number will have this unique ID so you can indicate which loans are to be paid off and which are not. If you have multiple statements with Sallie Mae, please upload only one of them in the payoff details section. The additional statements should be uploaded by navigating to the “My Profile” tab, select “Uploads”, and upload the statement as other. This will help to ensure the correct loans are included in the refinance. 

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