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Will I get a Student Loan Interest Statement (Tax Form 1098-E) from Earnest? | Student Loan Refinancing

Earnest will have a 1098-E tax form available for download through your Earnest account at the end of January each year. To view your current year's tax document(s), you'll log in>go to the "My Loans" tab>"Loan Details" button>select "Regular Dashboard" in the upper right corner> click the"Inbox" tab from the menu on the left. The document(s) will include the full amount you've paid in interest toward your student loan refinancing in the previous calendar year. 

If you're looking for any tax documents before the 2018 tax year, please reach out to us directly so we can assist you with obtaining these.

Please note that 1098-E forms are not issued to clients who have personal loans with Earnest.

If you received $600 or more in bonuses from Earnest, you would also receive a 1099-MISC form.

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