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What makes refinancing my student loans with Earnest different from other refinancing or consolidation options?

Our student loan refinancing is unique in several important ways:

  1. Merit-Based Rates: We offer our clients low interest rates that they have earned by being financially responsible. This can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars over other lending options that only look at your credit score.
  2. No Fees for Origination, Prepayment, or Anything Else: Our business is built on interest payments, not hidden fees or gimmicks.
  3. No Middlemen: While other lenders pass you off to a third party to manage your loan, we believe in doing everything ourselves so that we can ensure you have a great experience. Real people in our office are never more than a call or email away.
  4. Enhanced Payment Selection: Set the exact payment amount you want without being restricted to standardized options that are not right for you. You can even specify the exact number of months in which you want to pay off your loan.
  5. Radical Flexibility: This is the first student loan refi program specifically designed to flex with you and your life:
    • We make it easy for you to choose the most optimal terms for your financial situation right when you sign.
    • Schedule extra payments to save on interest whenever you have extra funds available.
    • If you decide to attend an accredited graduate school at least half time, you may apply for a deferment while you pursue your degree.   
    • Skip a payment: After 6 months of on-time payments, you will be eligible to skip a payment every 12 months. While this feature can be extremely helpful when life hits a bump in the road, please note that the principal and interest from that payment will be spread out across your remaining payments, resulting in increased monthly payments.
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