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What makes for a successful application? | Personal Loans

Earnest offers personal loans to people who demonstrate a high level of financial responsibility. While your credit history is an important aspect of our review process, we also look at your cash flow, debt-to-income ratio, retirement contributions, savings habits, and more. We ask applicants to provide up-to-date information about their education and employment, as well as connect certain financial accounts, which allows us to evaluate your personal and financial profile. Please view our Eligibility Guidelines to see if Earnest is a fit for you.

Some reasons that we may not be able to approve an application are:

  • History of missed payments
  • Income that does not support everyday living expenses in addition to an Earnest loan
  • Savings that do not cover at least 2 months of normal living expenses, including an Earnest loan
  • A bankruptcy listed on your credit report or any accounts recently in collections

If you believe you'll be a good fit for an Earnest personal loan, you can start the personal loan process here. First, we'll try to provide a rate estimate and then the personal loan application will proceed from there.



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