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How can I get a statement for my loan?

Note: personal loans originated by Earnest may be serviced by either Earnest or SST. These instructions apply to Personal Loans serviced by Earnest only. For a Personal Loan serviced by SST, please contact SST following the instructions here. If you're not sure which company services your loan, click here.

Your Earnest account makes it easy to review every transaction for your loan. Just log in to your Earnest account, select "Loan Details" and view your transaction history. For details about each transaction, click on the transaction.

If you need a formal statement, you can request one by giving us a call during business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Pacific Time) at (888) 601-2801 or emailing us at Please let us know if there is any specific information you'd like shown on the statement.

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